Fusing ancient wisdom with modern symmetry, Danny Darkoski‘s celestial body of work is a portal between physical reality and the sacred infinite. 

Utilizing unique script inspired by world alphabets such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, Tibetan, and Arabic, Darkoski delivers powerful messages experienced by the viewer on a deep, subconscious level. He has invented and developed several custom alphabets, which he uses interchangeably with minimal, modern geometry.

With an avid interest in astronomy and metaphysics, Darkoski is drawn to the raw, universal energy that flows through the vastness of space, which in turn, flows directly into his work. His pieces transform the mundane into an altar, expressing the balance between the human experience and the celestial influences that govern it.

Darkoski’s creative abilities extend far beyond the canvas. In late 2022, he is launching his first clothing & jewelry pieces to be offered at limited quantities via his online store & select boutique retail stores.