'Omni' Ring (Brass) - Adjustable (Small)

'Omni' Ring (Brass) - Adjustable (Small)

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'Omni' Ring:

'Omni' meaning, of all things & places, everything. The 'Omni' ring consists of Darkoski’s signature script boldly wrapping around the finger, representing our connection to the Universal energy that flows through us.

Solid brass base with two coats of sterling silver plate applied. Underlying brass has been exposed to highlight Darkoski’s script. Recessed areas are oxidized (blackened silver) for an antiqued look.

Sterling silver ring option here.

Adjustable/resizable. The ring has an opening on the bottom, allowing it to fit a wider variety of finger sizes. This is our smaller option. When the two ends meet at the bottom, the ring is a size 7. We also have a larger version that closes at size 11 here.

Care & Cleaning:
Take care while resizing or removing the ring from your finger to avoid misshaping. Gently clean with mild soap and water, then dry with soft fabric.

Note: We have intentionally oxidized the dark part of the metal to create the antiqued look. Over time this black may fade. When cleaning be mindful of these areas.

Extra Precautions:
Extended periods submerged in water may affect the finish of the ring. Base metals (brass) & precious metals (silver) may react and become discolored by chemicals (like lotions & beauty products) & for some sweat may have the same effect. Best to remove jewelry while bathing, showering, swimming or applying lotion or other chemicals. Do not wear while working with equipment or materials that may scratch the metal finish. 

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Customer Reviews

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Charlie Ferrell
Wicked cool!

Love, love my ring- not only is it beautiful, It was designed by a very talented friend! Danny's vision and his art is most definitely one of a kind!


Love the rings! I bought a silver and silver/brass one and the quality is really nice. Very cool, design looks great on me. ❤️